Manhattan Beach Preschool

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Waitlist Fee Per Child

Submit with application


Registration Fee Per Child

Balance due less waitlist fee paid


Total Enrollment Fee






Monday through Friday

Mon / Wed / Fri

Tues / Thurs

Preschool 8:30 to 12:30




Preschool Plus 7:00 to 5:55




2 Yr. Half Day 8:30 to 12:30




2 Yr. Toddler 7:00 to 5:55





Fees are billed in ten equal installments and not based on actual number of school days or holidays in any particular month.


Two-week deposit and1st month’s tuition is due at enrollment.


Payment is due on the first of the month and service will terminate at end of month if payment is not made. Two termination notices will result in increase in deposit to a full month’s fee.


Fees are non-refundable after the 1st of the month or start of school year regardless of attendance.


Fees are non-refundable for partial attendance due to withdrawal.


Fees will increase by three percent (3%) annually (unless otherwise directed by Board action). Thirty (30) days advance notice will be provided before any rate increase takes effect.


Fees are based on the ten-month school calendar year of 180 days of school.