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Camps Information

All camps need to maintain Title 22 ratio requirements, and this is why our camp dates are subject to staffing availability and cancellation.  It is also subject to cancellation if we do not have a minimum of 24 students enrolled each week.

  • No refunds of fees paid after enrollment (including no refunds if the child is sick and unable to attend with us for the week or a portion of any week paid for).
  • No exchanges of weeks paid for or transfer of weeks paid for to other children/students/families.
Vacation break camp is offered during MBUSD non-instructional days and does not include the provision of special education services
Camp dates: 

Monday, November 20

Tuesday, November 21

Wednesday, November 22


Wednesday, December 27

Thursday, December 28

Friday, December 29


Wednesday, January 3

Thursday, January 4

Friday, January 5


Tuesday, February 20

Wednesday, February 21

Thursday, February 22


Monday, April 1

Tuesday, April 2

Wednesday, April 3

Thursday, April 4

Friday, April 5


The Preschool's Summer Camp begins the first Monday after the school year ends in June, and it runs for eight weeks.  Provided there is enough interest in each camp, your child can attend camps during the school year and summer for an additional fee. (Regular monthly tuition does not include any camp days.)

Special summer activities for preschoolers may include the following: special projects such as cooking and arts and crafts; and special visiting entertainment such as puppets, musicians, pets,  reptiles, soccer, yoga class, and special activities.

In addition to the tuition, a Summer Activity Fee is assessed, which pays for transportation and admittance to field trips as well as for supplies for special activities. The fee varies from class to class and is based on the scheduled field trips and activities.

Summer Camp is an optional program. Sign-ups for the summer will take place in spring.

During the winter and spring breaks and several non-student days during the school year, you will be given the opportunity to sign up for any and/or all of our camp programs. Click Here for the District's calendar for the dates of these breaks and holidays.


These programs are optional. You will be given the opportunity to sign up for camp days 30 days in advance.