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Special Education

Manhattan Beach Preschool Special Education Department


Manhattan Beach Preschool, in Partnership with our parents and community strive to provide the highest quality full inclusion preschool experience for your child/children in a fun, safe, language rich, healthy, and creative environment. We form effective partnerships between special educators, general educators, and parents to ensure the inclusivity and success of all students in meeting their individual goals.


After a child turns three, parents can request an assessment if they believe their child may have special education needs. The process starts with a Student Study Team Meeting to determine areas of suspected disability. Children are assessed in all areas of concern to determine if the child meets one of the 13 areas of eligibility (see Ed code 56026).

If eligible for special education, the school team and family will work together to develop goals and determine the most appropriate program to meet the child’s progress.

To request an assessment, please call our hotline at (310) 318-7345 ext. 5924 and leave your information and we will send the paperwork to you.    



MB Preschool Program offers a continuum of placement and services including:

SPLASH Program: For preschool aged students who are eligible for special education with Speech or Language Impairment (SLI) and who are successful in accessing age appropriate activities with a general education curriculum. This program is co-taught between a Speech and Language Therapist and a General Education Preschool Teacher.

Full Inclusion Classroom: For Preschool aged students who have goals that focus on developmental needs (e.g.; behavioral, social or pre-academic) that can be addressed within the general education preschool classroom with collaboration/consultation support from a special education teacher.

DHH Program: For Preschool aged students who qualify under Deaf and Hard of Hearing. DHH students are supported in a general education classroom with a sign language aide and a DHH teacher.

Bootcamp: For Preschool aged students who have additional “learning to learn” goals that require small group instruction from SAI staff in addition to the General Education preschool class.

SMILE (Social Management in a Learning Environment): For students who have additional needs in social/communication and/or self-regulation/behavioral skills that require additional structured support.

Curriculum is based on the knowledge that young children develop skills in a sequence, have different rates of growth, and have unique special interests, life experiences, strengths, and needs. Children learn by being actively involved with materials, making choices, and by sharing their ideas with each other.
Each classroom uses the CA Preschool Foundation Standards of Learning in addition to our Age Appropriate Goals to Promote: 
Language Development 
Gross and Fine Motor Skills
Communication Skills
Self Help and Adaptive Skills
Behavior Management Techniques
Learning to Learn Skills
Safety Awareness
Curriculum used in the classroom can include but is not limited to: ZooPhonics, Handwriting without Tears, Scholastic, Counting Collections, Common Core, and Weekly Reader. 

Shannon Huston 
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Special Education Teacher
Christina Llata
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Deaf & Hard of Hearing Teacher
Kathy Guevara
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Speech and Language Team
Candace Stavros
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Anamae Funnell

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Occupational Therapy Team
Lindsay Marco
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Allison Barnes

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Physical Therapist
Sara Fox
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School Psychologist
Emily Gantner
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Pamela Fischbein
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