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Preschool Program

This program offers children ages 3-5 (who are already toilet trained) the following:

  • A preschool program from 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.
  • Flexible scheduling: 5 days, 3 days (M/W/F), or 2 days (T/Th) days per week.
  • Healthy morning snack.
  • Lunch period from 12:00 - 12:30 with lunch brought from home or bought in the cafeteria.

Goals for Three-Year-Olds


Social Emotional

  • Children will feel safe and happy within the environment and experience successful separation from parents
  • Children will learn self-regulation skills
  • Children will learn how to play cooperatively, work together, take turns, and establish friendships.
  • Children will express their needs to teachers and peers.
  • Children will learn conflict resolution skills.
  • Children's self-esteem will grow and be nurtured.
  • Children will develop empathy toward their peers.


Self Help Skills

  • Children will be encouraged to learn good health practices including blowing their nose.
  • Children will learn to take their jackets on and off.
  • Children will learn to take their shoes on and off.
  • Children will be encouraged to dress themselves.


Fine and Gross Motor Skills

  • Children will work on the following fine motor skills: proper grasping of scissors and writing instruments, cutting. lacing, pre-writing pincer grasp and overall fine motor strength.
  • Children will work on the following gross motor skills: jumping, stretching, tumbling, catching a ball, galloping, pedaling a bike. climbing outside on the equipment and balancing on one foot.



  • Children will develop listening skills and be able to follow one and two step directions.
  • Children will be able to sit and participate in circle time.
  • Children will develop memory and retention skills.
  • Children will learn to count to 15 and quantify up to 5.
  • Children will learn basic pattern and sequencing skills.
  • Children will learn their first and last names and learn to recognize their name in print.
  • Children will learn letter recognition of upper case and some lower case letters.
  • Children will say the alphabet (rote memory)